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Tray Cable

UL Rated Power and Control Tray Cable
Flame retardant 90 degree C. TPE jacket
Type TC-ER      File Number:  E254962

UL Thermoplastic Insulated Wire
Styles: TW, THW, THHW, THW-2
File Number:  E254961

The recently released National Electrical Code (NEC 2005) amends the way cable should be extended out of cable trays.  Once limited to the use of metal clad (MC) cables or metal conduit, the 2005 Code, specifically Section 336.10(7) for Tray Cable (TC), now permits the use of Tray Cable (TC) with the UL Extended Run (ER) rating.  For Tray Cables, the NEC Code now allows unlimited length runs to extend from the tray, assuming the Code requirements for local mechanical protection are observed.  Extended Run (-ER) compliant cables that meet or surpass required crush and impact test criteria as per the 2005 NEC Code, Section 336.10(7) are marked TC-ER.

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